Saturday, December 22, 2018

Life Sacraficed

Life Sacraficed: Jill Janus’s Suicide Exhumed

          sat on this story for a couple of months following Huntress’s lead singer’s death for when dealing with tragedy, reality needs time to be absorbed. Something didn’t sit right instinctually upon learning the news she had committed suicide. For someone who allowed the total exploitation of her life and life story I could certainly see why she would contemplate suicide but had Janus exited this world willingly was my instinctual discernment.

        The road can be fit for a queen, and then shifts to a compact size mirror set for a survivalist.  It’s a tumultuous terrain engraving memories along lines that are paved of endurance and freedom from the grids holding you back in life. Jill Janus was the queen that embarked on flightful nights that took her from coast to coast on the international rock & roll, Heavy Metal twister rollercoaster she custom built for her life. Huntress was born under a crimson moon, and took a leap of faith along with courage the size of her monstrous, octave voice. They swept the nation faster than record-setting lightning speed, and fled all fifty states night by night within a matter of months in support of their album “Spell Eater”. From topless DJ in Brooklyn to West Coast Metal Cover priestess in Chelsea Girls amid her debut album selected from a single tarot card drawn, she sheered the male-dominant metal society with 8 seizing swords after inducting Huntress in metal music playlist’s history along beside her lustful internet modeling career. Ahead of her time and behind the right timing, she took to the reigns in fronting this band in front of stadiums and festivals beside Lamb Of God, Megadeath and Judas Priest. Her personal life plastered for all to read, mock, crticize and render as they please.  An acclaimed occultist, Jill Janus panned out to be a hypocrite on a cruelty-free lifestyle by sponsoring the not so cruelty-free makeup line, MAC cosmetics. Her self-confidence soars over any others that the only mental illness pattern I picked up on was narcissism despite her recent and public admittal of Dissasociative Identity Disorder. Rarely will you find a human being in today’s human populace that hasn’t been affected by modern technology’s hold over personality disorders gripping the  people with little control over their freedom in the first place. The escapism in the internet or music industry has made an increasing alarming awareness in DID that it’s a disconcerning thought that thinking about everyone coming off their high at once, simultaneously.

          Back to my instincts, whether she took her own life or it was sacrificed by her very own identity remains a mystery to the fans and onlookers. An unequal pivotal point is faced for women in metal history from this point forward when very little women even make history, even. May her afterlife be a reminder of this newly coined mental illneass as yours and others’ power struggles present danger for the self-absorbed several lack the courage to even admit with or without their online persona permission. Her band mates were too quick to jump the gun when the news surfaced across the internet Jill Janus did indeed willingly permit. This world through bloodshot eyes may appear as a hell to overcome lest find your own unique way out of. Jill found her way out of one thing, the hearts of all her fans if indeed there is more to the story than meets your bloodshot eyes with.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Content Permission

As I delve deeper in the blogger rights and permission for my own Privacy Act, I deem it necessary to remind individuals of the permission they must ask for to post or copy any of my content. You do not have the permission from me to repost any of my blogger or written content. Permission to copy, post or repost my content is strictly prohibited.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Acid King

Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere

Acid King have came a long way. They came from dust and dust is where they may eventually go. This album will have no ability to collect dust if ever in your possession because it will do anything but sit still in your collection. Lori and mates have banded together to bring forth their most sought after album of the bands career and to date. All besides their Mans Ruin Records contribution from the beginning, Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere takes second to center stage and steals thier discography spotlight.

I hammered away at the first two tracks only to sink in the rest with mesmerization and pure admiration. Fan girl for life from here on out to the center of eternity. What adorns their style the most is casual balance of vibrational fluidity. It's no surprise she is handed the Female Hand Of Doom Award by her collective comrads and collaborators of new and old bands. So many promising notes and lyrics she has penned out like pages to a Doom Metal Maiden Volume. It's spacey without being too much stonery and doomish without too much gloom. Uplifting and melancholic with the right amount of heavy edge and vocal fade. She mastered every level a musician needs to master in the 5 feet she stands. Shes clearly been taking notes accordingly from the sidelines of festivals she's played along beside Metals heavy weights. Competition is on the way to headline them now, and that competitors name is Acid King.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Doomestic Terrorism

Since when did the sub-genre of music you listen potentially generalize you in with domestic terrorsim? Since yesterday, when I coined doomestic terrorism. To clarify what domestic terrorism is; citizen(s) committing terrorism against their own citizens/country. In this day and age the difference between domestic terrorism and foreign is, basically a 'Made In the USA' shirt only. Are doom metal fans on the domestic terrorism watch because metalheads have found a new apocalyptic art form and others know not the meaning of it? Is it suffice to say, false flag shootings aim to put every American on it? Or, are the american people allowing Congress and the military to put their people on it? Doomestic terrorism, the forbidden subject little dare to speak up about. A misunderstood mindset and lack of intelligence on the genre within an expansive metal community spawning from 3-4 major acts. In real time, the terrorists are those jeopardizing the Americans constitutional rights. One of the oldest forms of gaslighting and mind control there is and its hot topic barely trending. In the 20 years I have collected doom metal vinyl and attended its festivals while documenting its existence, zero cases of doom metal musicians creating doom on this earth have existed. What's next, death metal causing an alarming death rate within its listeners vs the immortals that dont? Does gangster rap automatically mean your destined for the initiation of a gang the second you pick an album up? None of these are correct. Just because the phrase, "you are what you eat" implies to junk food and the toxic lard you may becoming, eating grapes doesn't physically turn you into grapes. You are what you listen to would not insinuate that come the stroke of midnight, you're destined to become a smashed pumpkin. Listening to Orange Goblin and Acid King means anything BUT you eat acid and oranges with the goblin king watching Clockwork Orange on Friday nights.

Doom metal fans and musicians haven't, nor would they provoke, incite, encourage or condone Doom from my experience, just as, funeral doom doesn't promise you a bereavement leave for the upcoming, long overdue apocalypse. Black metal and death metal have taken more hits than a viral youtube video, and little is being done to preserve our art, culture and music while the focus is more on targeting it, them and us.

The next time you take a bad aim at calling a doomster a doomer, take heed of the life you are educating others with and breeding. You are fighting a movement laying down. Taking a stance to improve your children's future or your culture is not breeding a stereotypical and hypocritical seed. Chances are mankind are generating a great deal of hatred and doom amongst their war mongering, hate-filled, segregated concrete communities and boarded homes with blinds to dim the reality. Doom, death, black and heavy metal musicians included.  

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Life And Death Of AL Morris III

My last Goodbye to Alfred Morris III of Iron Man.

Hey AL,

I didn't get to say goodbye, and I haven't a substantial enough reason for that in the short stint I stayed in Maryland. I seen you at Maryland Doom Metal Fest, and got a sweaty hug by the merch tables after you headlined, and once again blasted the metal pepsqueaks to the wayside with your mountainous-size, muzzle loading riffs. Iron Man was countlessly hailed as the masterpiece of Doom Metal, as numerous musicians referenced you during the making of the documentary, that I never got to show you. You're forever in my heart, and somehow I know you will find a way to read this through the hearts that live on because of you in the Doom Metal community you single-handedly molded in Maryland. I know you were the sort to never burden anyone, and pushed a lot of people away, such as, an animal who strays off to die. But, had I shown you what the film was made of that I am screening in other places, you might bare some respect for myself after all the years, rumors and splits I went through right along with every band and cast member in the film. Iron Man were family and family is often the reason we chose to die alone in the end. Suffering is something we learn to take on by ourselves, but AL Morris III we finally suffered with you two days ago when we all learned about you passing away. I'll always remember the story that you told me about sneaking into an amphitheater, "like groupies" in Washington DC to meet and see Tony Iommi play in Black Sabbath. Later on, the man was ironically coined The "Black" Tony Iommi of metal.
(Shadows Of Darkness By Iron Man)
Filmed in Louisville,KY and DOTD

*Many side notes that the fans may not have known, I would like to take a moment to address, even though the man alone deserves an hour long documentary. Alfred Morris III had worked at the Smithsonian, and leaves behind a daughter at 61 while residing in Gaithersburg, Maryland. When many Metal acts think that there isn't professionals in this field, didn't get a chance to meet Alfed Morris III the way that I was privileged to. If Iron Mans discography isn't as long as the rest who abandoned their families and refused to work a real job, AL Morris III did the exact opposite. When many musicians are spotted on the internet spotlighting their ownselves while thinking they deserve The Nobel Peace Prize, AL Morris III truly did. It took several years for a bigger label to sign Iron Man's last album, but the simple advice he gave me about The Library Of Congress is bigger than many of them and taught me to rise above. Bigger than life; heavier than the heavens Alfred Morris III hasn't changed sitting in the cosmos,  I guarantee it. As much hell as he chose to burden himself with, and take on down here with little help from anyone. He proved to be a prime example of strength when Diabetes caused for the amputation of his leg. Iron Man wasn't a title, it was his way of living.

     Goodbye now, today and tomorrow.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Seven Reasons Matt Pike Might Be A Reptilian

Everyone is giving Matt Pike some major blows about his comments made about aliens and The Second Coming. I'd like to mention that Matt Pike is not the only musician to "come forward" about Reptilians, shapeshifters, aliens, Dooms Day, etc. He is actually a low ranking, mind controlled, illuminati puppet. Just kidding. If anyone knows the scene and has for a decade or longer they would tell you Matt Pike is actually pulling a lot of this info from others such as Billy Anderson, possibly The Melvin's and MOST DEFINITELY and above all else, WINO. Wino broke through with bands like, The Obsessed and Spirit Caravan but when he really CAME FORWARD in his music career he was opening the doors for many to see his Low Doom Maryland band, The Hidden Hand becoming of age. Wino has been a long time, and avid Illuminati reptile Sasquatch hunter. In fact if there is much I'll give the dude credit for, it's this fact. He was Ancient Alien Obsessed internet Rover long before anyone else. With this being said here are seven reasons Matt Pike Might Be a Reptilian/Hybrid:

1.) He has piercing eyes. Like many Reptilian traits, piercing eyes are a serious known factor with these Reptoids. Matt, since childhood, has presto eyes. In fact, at times the spaarkle or gleam without the enhancement of any good green.
2.) Now, it's raw to cut on someone's incisors but Pike has the crooked croc teeth, no doubt.
3.) Reptilian brains are highly intelligent and let's just look past Matt Pike's mumbo jumbo jibberish at times and settle our focus on his masterminding discography.
4.) It's no secret society or knowledge to know he is a great grandson son the late Albert Pike who wrote the insidious laws of Freemasonry. Bloodlines( can we say?)
5.) To even be in this topic is a clear indication he has a longing for the sciences, outer space and the unknown.
6.) Meateater all the way.
7.) It's all clear by now he has read David Icke ...never mind the true truthsayers like, Stitchin or elected ex government officials coming out of the woodworks about Nephilm, Annuaki, Greys and Reptilians but it's a real wonder why Icke persuaded Matt Pike single-handedly. If you dare to dig up why this man would claim to have extensive knowledge about the Reptilian hierarchy in power, would it be any surprise to learn birds of feather flock together?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


MJ Ultra Mind Games

Nothing was hidden about Michael Jackson's hand behind his head. Nothing is secretive in a scripted society of head games. When The King Of Pop died in 2009, new lies were born and an untold truth was reincarnated. To many Blacks in America, MJ died in the early nineties. For twenty years, designated songs, the discography and hidden messages of MJ was long since underway. IT DID MATTER if Michael was Black or White. White people liked him black and American black cultures were insulted on a grandiose scale by The King Of Pops diabolical plan to become a white man. It did matter that he ESCAPED from society and his culture to Neverland the lighter his skin became. MJ died in fear for his life according to his last phone conversations. Again, the Michael Jackson we all grew up with and influenced by had been dead to us on a level many would understand. Abandoned by his own race, fans turning their backs on him by the end was just as apparent as the amount of crooks and cons around him. Was this a modern mock on African Americans to begin with, or is this the repetitive juxtapose in the arts & music industry, to paint yourself along with the towns they paint with every new city and stadium they played in? With his impeccable moves, one would ponder why a gimmick was ever needed in the first place. Controversial propaganda speaks volumes looking back at his and others careers, slammed with legalalities, rumors, and accusations. Clearly, there was little time left for him to enjoy his newfound fatherhood when he had claimed his very own childhood was stripped away by his own sellout father.

If defined, Popaganda is something that stirs our souls, ignites revolutions, controls society using Pop Stars, and propaganda first started it centuries ago using artists and philosophers. Michael Jackson was staged to become the next form of mind control now by some of deadlist silencers the secret service has to offer this country, The CIA; new dogs w/ old tricks. Pharmueciticals was bound to black out memories and replace people with nuerological dissociative disorders, and the rest of society would dismiss them immediately as drug users instead. Whether MJ was a maniquiun or brainwashed puppet, his tasks were to become a mere marketing tool used to boast Black Magic, occultism and rituals by the end of his career. Suddenly, children born in the 60's and 70's were opened to a child entertainer embracing biker gear and fetish wear. This sat well with the crack cocaine unleashed to the vulnerable, multi- colored public. Black or white, red skin or olive, they all gathered to the open occasion of perverse suttle pursasions from a feminine male openly grabbing his crotch with parachute pants and a white glove. It doesn't matter if your MALE or FEMALE now was the true agenda. A systematic structure slowly being introduced to the hindered and impaired audiences potentially facing a genderless populace. Popaganda brewed up a melting pot for organized mobsters to make a killing off sex, drugs and violence in America that is very much still in effect until today with or without his true apparatus. A prominent role played in the new Civil Rights redesigned to encourage, legalize and protect gay marriages.

When music becomes a person's sole escape route from the heavy hitting reality of wage slavery, it's hard to reject the trends and persuasions by the one celebrity standing center stage for it. Its harder and harder TO JUST SAY NO in a world of hate, civil arrests and popular pillheads. It's hard to stay straight in an intoxicating audience of bisexuals, lesbians and flamboyant gays. Denial is out of reach. The unthinkable slowly becomes ever so out-of-reach.  Not only would they stand up for their gods and goddesses but now they would deny, lie and become the POPAGANDA right along with them that they promoted and bought into. They would allow their own icon to fool them, trick them or con them, and a majority will go to the grave with it if even the entire propaganda and person standing in front of it was a sham all along. If you truly believe in your icon rather than yourself, then you're staring fraudulence in the face.

Did a man who had everything going for him truly need prescriptions to alter his moods? Does an artist truly need to reconstruct their entire face? Does the pyramid of Giza have remotely anything to do with bad plastic surgery? Do we need make-up to cover up our gender? Do we truly need mainstream media to depend on hard facts? Is art, talent and lyrics not enough props anymore, or is this POPAGANDA we bought ourselves into as embarrassing as the illusion of us left standing in the shadows of a pop star's unknown cause of life or death? Michael Jackson may be gone, but POPGANDA lives on.